My Special Gift to You!

November 23, 2015


Good morning!  I just took my dear friend Amy Won from TreeSpace Studios 

to the train station.

We spent the weekend together dreaming into a enchanted project that wants to be born.  It was both magical and exhilarating.

This is sweet Amy.

Amy is also the designer behind the Poppy Soap Co. brand.

She is an artist that loves to explore enchantment.  

She is a soul sister for sure!  

She is the kind of friend I could spend hours with and not get sick of.  

You know that type?

Here is some of her amazing work.

In the spirit of friendship and deep gratitude,  I would like to offer you

my special blog followers 38% off your order today.  

Thank you for continuing to support my company and family.

Here is the code:

Head over to and use code: loyal38 at check out.

This is the largest discount I will be giving all year on our handmade gifts and it will only last for 24 hours.  

Wishing you a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Along with creating organic handmade soap that helps to give back.  I also have a deep desire to be in the highest service of women who want to create an inspired life for themselves and their families.  Helping bold, courageous women build and grow their heart-inspired businesses is my gift.   It’s what I’m passionate about.  I’ve done it for myself – and now my goal is to pay that forward as a mentor and coach for other women who find themselves (and their companies) where I once was.
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Soap Studio Creating!

Hello love!

I am knee deep in the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Have you read this one?  I usually listen to it when I am in the soap studio making my cold process soap.  I find myself laughing out loud, shaking my head in agreement and super inspired.  Don’t you love it when you read a book that you so connect with?

The thing is, we are all creatives.  Yes, that means you!  You may not think you are a creative in the traditional sense, but I bet if you check in with yourself there is something that you do that is intrinsically creative.   It is a human need to create.

So in spirit of creating I would like to offer you this recipe that you can create and make your own. I made this video “How to make your Own Handmade Salve”, a few years ago.  Folks seem to love it.

Give it a whirl if you are so called to and let me know how it turns out… or what new twist you put on the recipe.  Hey, you could even whip some up to give for holiday gifts.

Sending you love from California!





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