Palmorosa – A Powerhouse Of Goodness

January 15, 2014

Palmorosa - A Powerhouse of Goodness;

Palmarosa is a green and pale yellow grass with fragrant leaves. The grass is harvested and dried before it flowers. Palmarosa oil is extracted via steam distillation.

Palmarosa Essential Oil has antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, cytophylactic and digestive properties. It has a sweet floral scent, with just a hint of rose about it. This makes it a pleasant oil to use for aromatherapy.

In addition to being used in perfumes, soaps and makeup, Palmarosa oil is also used to flavor tobacco. It is considered to be completely non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing.

Check out a few things it is known to do:

  • Can reduce fever, whether caused by viral or bacterial infection.

  • Stimulates cell regeneration, all while moisturizing the skin and balancing hydration levels.

  • Inhibits duplication of viruses and even eliminates them.

  • Stimulates digestive juices and aids in nutrient absorption, aiding in digestion.

  • Inhibits bacterial growth as a bactericide, helping fight off internal as well as external bacterial infections.

  • Calms and clears the mind, making clear thought easier.

  • Relieves stress, nervousness and exhaustion.

If you’d like to experience the uplifting effects of palmarosa oil, snag a bar of our Rosewood handmade soap for your face and body.

Photo Credit: Cinnamon Vogue

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