How All Of You Inspire Me

July 9, 2014

How All Of You Inspire Me: PoppySoap.comWhen I began my soap making journey years ago, I did so with a felted soap business and an entirely different name. At that time, I felt called to create in a way the fed my soul’s deep need to work with my hands while providing my family, friends, and friends-of-friends with beautiful soaps that not only nourished the body but that were also a feast for the eyes.

I was inspired by the colors of nature. I was inspired by the imagery found in nature. Basically, my soap making was more about the visual aspect, how the colors swirled and combined. How they looked from one angle to the next.

But slowly, my creative needs began to shift. I was becoming more and more aware of the needs of my growing customer base. Sure, they loved the beauty of my felted soaps but they needed more. Their unique skin needed more. Their senses needed more.

And so I became inspired. I became inspired to create an entirely new line of soaps. Yes, they would still be visually appealing but not in such a flashy, pop-of-color way. I could feel that my customers needed soaps to soothe the skin and the soul.

I soaked in the stories my customers shared with me about their skin. Their troubles and their triumphs. How their difficult skin journeys began. What aggravated their unique skin. What enhanced its beauty. What balanced it. I listened and I learned.

I became inspired some more.

After launching Poppy Soap Co., I continued to listen to your stories. Stories of how my bars had helped your skin. Stories of how just breathing in the scent of my bar brought peace. Stories of how uplifted you and your skin felt.

You see, THIS, these stories, inspire me to continue creating, working tirelessly in my soap studio to bring you more Poppy Soap goodness. Sometimes I feel like soap making isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of life. There are plenty of soap makers out there. But you know what – what I do, I do with love and passion and positivity. I do it because I am making a difference in your skin. My bars are helping you.

And they are helping thousands of women in Women’s Shelters across the United States. Talk about inspiration.

Thank you, all of you! From those of you who recently found Poppy Soap Company and made your first purchase to those of you who made the journey with me from felted soaps to therapeutic bars that liven the senses. Thank you for inspiring me, for nourishing my soul, and for allowing my bars, made with care and love, into your lives.

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