Product Spotlight – Organic Lip Love Balm

February 18, 2015

Product Spotlight – Organic Lip Love Balm

Since this is the month of love, I thought it would be perfect timing to highlight one of my newest products! I am so proud of my Organic Lip Love Balm. Yes, the market might be saturated with products for those luscious lips of yours but I assure you, once this balm hits your lips, you will kiss those old favorite products goodbye!

I created these Lip Love Balms because I felt as if there were a lot of really good products out in the natural marketplace but none that really did what I needed them to do. And even those that came close, still were just lacking something…

So I went ahead and borrowed some space in my soap studio and went to work formulating what I believe is an excellent lip balm. I have been blown away and how amazing my lips feel and how gorgeous they look.

Let’s meet the ingredients shall we?

• Organic Avocado Oil which is rich in vitamins soothing chapped lips
• Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter which is high in antioxidants which protects lips from free radical damage
• Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Butter is a skin softener, putting down a protective barrier that locks in moisture.
• Vitamin E protects and softens lips.

I have three fun flavors for you to enjoy. They all offer a little something different and I am quite sure there is a combo for everyone. Try one or better yet, try them all!

Ginger Cardamon

Decadent and warming. A natural Merlot tint gives your lips a subtle-yet-rich pop of color for the perfect pout.

Peppermint Basil

Packed with a refreshing burst of peppermint and basil, this balm will leave your lips tingling with delight. A natural pink tint washes your lips in subtle color that’s a little bit sexy, a little bit sweet.

Tangerine Vanilla

With its delicious blend of tangerine and vanilla, Hello Sunshine is one part sassy, one part sweet.

In addition to being super fantastic amazing for your lips, your purchase does something super fantastic amazing for the community at large. When you show your lips a little love, we’ll pass it on to a woman in need. A donation of 5% of Lip Love sales is given to U.S. women’s shelters. Yep – we love giving back.

To purchase one or more of my Organic Lip Love Balms, head over to my store today.

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