An Invitation to Explore Rituals

March 11, 2015


My dear friend Amy of The TreeSpace Studio invited me to participate in her Exploring Rituals event.  I was more than thrilled to share with you my daily and nightly rituals which are my anchors in life.  They keep me grounded, in the present with my feet planted on the ground.  This exploration allowed me to see how much rituals leave special imprints on my day and have such power to move my mood and energy.   As a creative, it is so easy to get caught up in a flurry of ideas and sometimes we may find ourselves like blowing leaves in the wind.  Rituals allow me to pause, focus and set intention.  They allow me to honor my body, my soul and my higher purpose.  Rituals connect me to my family, my higher self and the wise universe.

I have created a video that explores my personal rituals.  In this video I also share how you can create your own personal ritual oil.

I invite you to check out the other creatives who have participated in the My Rituals 2015 exploration.  You can follow the exploration on Instagram using #myrituals2015.  Finally, I would love to hear about your own rituals and their significance to your life.  So please share in the comment section below.




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