30 days inside Poppy Soap

September 16, 2015

Do you ever wonder what it really looks like behind the scenes of a small creative business? There has to be something more than all those pretty pictures that they post to instagram, right? I often get the question, “how the heck do you do it all”?

Well… the short answer is, I don’t.

And by saying I don’t, it does not mean that I have a hired staff of 50.  Nope, folks this is a one woman show. The key is that I choose what I focus on. I work with my inherent strengths. I make mistakes and move on. I decide the pace of my small business and my life. I decide what “success” means to me and most of all I do not believe in the “HUSTLE”.

Guess what… you can too. I give you full permission to design the life that you want on your terms and still be wildly successful.

Can I get a whoot whoot!

Today is the first day in a 30 day series. This project that has been living in my head and heart for a long time. It is about helping others by being real, vulnerable, honest and raw. Showing you the inside of my heart inspired business and life so you can have the courage to bring yours to light and reality. It’s not always pretty pictures and cupcakes over here. It is however pretty freaking amazingly imperfect and happy.

So why the heck should you watch or follow along?

#1 Well honestly, I put this into action yesterday. Yes it’s been living in me for some time now, but literally I flipped the switch yesterday on this project. Nope, it’s not all perfectly planned out and strategized. So at least it should prove entertaining.

#2 Learn what a sucessful heart inspired business really looks like behind the pretty pictures and website. You will walk away with an honest view of what it takes to run a heart inspired business along with some tools and tricks that you can use in your own life!

#3 I’m a one take wonder. All videos and content are one takes… again raw, real and honest view of what is going on for this mama entrepreneur.

Thanks for being on this journey with me! If you would like unedited access to the series + worksheets please head over to http://poppysoap.com and sign up for my newsletter!

Follow me on Instagram to see the 30 day journey unfold!

See you tomorrow!

xo Lindy

Watch now!

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