Soap Making for Teens

March 7, 2016

I have a super fun class coming to Los Osos, CA!  Essential Oil Soap Making for Teens.  This class is for ages 13 and up.  If you would like to attend with your teen please do so {Parents are Free!}


Here is the class description:

During our time together you will learn the properties of different essential oils and how they function in soap making.  You will create your own custom essential oil recipe guided by your intuition and based on their classification of bottom, middle and top notes.  We will discuss the history of soap making and why lye is used the process.  You will learn hands on how to make cold process essential oil soap using lye in combination with organic plant based oils.  At the end of the class you will walk away with your own custom scented 2lb loaf to cut, the equivalent of about 8 bars from start to finish- a retail value of $96 and the knowledge of how to make soap on your own.  Workbooks will be provided so you can continue your soap making journey.

All supplies including base oils, essential oils, botanicals, equipment and molds will be provided.

Class size is limited to 6-8 people so sign up to grab your spot!
See you in class

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